"It’s as if he had prozac in his hands ... I don’t feel pain anymore"

Lucia Psoas

How many treatments will I need ?

An initial appointment for a formal assessment is essential. In this first consultation we will discuss the key issues or problems and identify the most effective and appropriate treatment for you for the first session.


After the initial consultation and treatment, where appropriate, we will discuss a treatment plan, usually a course of a further 4-6 (at minimum) individualised treatment sessions.  


I will only treat you or suggest a treatment programme that I feel to be appropriate for you and your condition and your desired outcome.


However, if I feel my approach will not be beneficial to you, then we can discuss together and if you agree, I can direct you to another health professional or specialist. 



The process of recovery and gaining better health

Generally, problems are rarely resolved in a single session. 

Often problems develop over time, and the longer the symptoms have been established and the body has been functioning abnormally, the longer it typically takes to recover and address the imbalance which caused the problem in the first place. 
Depending on the severity of a condition and your expectations of long-term improvement, more regular treatments may be required over a period of time, during which your progress will be assessed and reviewed regularly.



Maintaining progress

Very often clients decide to continue treatment after their symptoms have improved or sometimes clients come for treatment without any particular symptoms, but complaining of ‘just not feeling right’. 


Treatments are also an excellent way to maintain the progress you have made. Treatments can be like a regular service and ‘MOT’ of your body, identifying issues before they become chronic problems, preventing injuries and ill health. In this way - treatments are not just to 'fix' problems, but to help you maintain health, improve your energy levels, your sense of vitality and well being and ultimately, helping you to live life to your full potential.

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