"Daniel, I want to take this as an opportunity to thank you for all that you’ve done for me these past years."


These are some of my client’s stories.

Please keep in mind that these are other people’s stories and not yours.

It is important that you arrive for treatment with an open mind!

I've worked with Daniel since 2008 and appreciate his extraordinary skills as a body worker which are both intuitive as well as scientific.

He is a healer in the true sense and I highly recommend him.



“ a unique approach to treating back pain…”



BBC London

"The briefest glance at his C.V. shows a therapist with a rare breadth and depth of skills, someone who has retained his interest for, and commitment to, his work.


But Daniel also has 'X-ray ' fingers. This can not be learned, it is a gift.


It means he can 'see ' exactly what and where your problems are, and is the reason that since my first appointment, I never have, and never will go to another therapist."


Mark Silver
Former Royal Ballet Principal,  Covent Garden

Lucky for you, and for me, that we found our way to Daniel Schwager!

It's not often one finds a practitioner who is blessed with three divine qualities:
- Intuition (near x-ray vision, knows exactly where the aches, pains and problems are hiding in the body; incredible!);
- Skill (the perfect technique, executed with great confidence, talent and grace);
- Heart (lovely energy, nurturing and always honest, with magical hands!)

Thank you, Daniel, from a delighted client,

Cecilie Holter

After seeing so many body therapists for the last 10 years, I have finally found The One!!

Daniel's combination of being extremely intuitive, sensitive, professional and creative, of holding a holistic approach to the body and body work, and having calm, open and charming personality makes him a very special, one of a kind therapist.

The body is getting fixed, and somehow the soul as well... It's quite unbelievable and such a relief!

Thank you!!

Hagit Yakira, Dance teacher

Daniel is the best therapist I ever visited. His holistic approach, talent and his sensitivity are unique.


I have suffered from constant headaches and severe migraines caused by a car accident in 1998 which left me with whiplash. I have literally tried every treatment available except for surgery and thought I will just have to live with the pain. In February this year I went to see Daniel for the first time and my situation has improved so much since , it’s a miracle.

The migraines are completely gone. I have had only two headaches. I am forever grateful I found Daniel. If it wasn’t for him I would still have to take all those painkillers and suffer from constant headaches.
Tanja Ziegler

the word brilliant i used for you ...

“On the film set, my Japanese client was in agony – having flown in from Tokyo for the day, he was due to fly to Paris the following day – could I help?  

I called Daniel who kindly came out to my client’s hotel that night.   Mr K was very nervous – if the treatment made things worse, he would be unable to travel.  

Two hours later I got a call telling me that Daniel was brilliant and Mr K was extremely happy with the treatment.  

The following day he caught his flight and all was well.  


I cannot thank you enough, Daniel!”

Yanina Barry, Good Films Co

Hi Daniel,
Just wanted to let you know that I felt much better and freer after the treatment with you. Hips and legs felt better connected and better inserted into hip sockets. The left side was more balanced with the spasms gone and thus felt longer, so turns both sides were easy and I felt suspended on pointe. Calves were also more flexible though left calf was a little sore.
In general I felt freer and more open and was dancing more the way I feel classical dance could really be. In fact I had an amazing compliment from another dancer in class who picked up on the inner feeling and passion for the dance and told me how inspiring he found it to watch me. I had actually been admiring his dancing as I had seen some real dancing in him! Just wanted to let you know that as the session with you obviously had an effect.
Irina Kuzminsky

'Daniel fully embodies his practice and his relationship to the body as a whole is what instantly allowed me to trust his work. I felt nurtured yet challenged into accepting what needs to be healed in my injured body and left the session with immediate pain relief."

Another day without migraine!!! Hourray number 2!

Camille, Choreographer/ Movement Professor

I first came across Daniel by chance. I was desperate, suffering from severe back pain – I simply couldn’t move or sleep.

I suffer from polycystic kidney disease – a disease where the kidneys (and the liver) are filled with cysts that gradually take over the organs leading to complete failure. It’s a progressive disease that has no cure and causes a lot of pain. The fact that the kidneys and liver are so huge (in my case) means that all the other organs are squashed and pushed around, my whole centre of gravity is out of place.

I had my first massage with Daniel in April this year. Now, six months later, the back pain is just a memory.  I have no words for how good he is as a therapist and as a person.

He’s gentle in his manner and firm in his treatment. Each time I go see him I come out renewed, feeling light and incredibly happy! It’s as if he had prozac in his hands, I cannot explain. Maybe it is just the fact that I don’t feel pain anymore. In any case, the improvement he has brought to my life has no price. I cannot thank him enough for that.


My disease clock is still ticking but at least I can LIVE well enough to enjoy life in the meantime. He really is an amazing guy and I cannot recommend him enough.

I’ve had MANY massages in my life but I can safely say he’s the best masseur I know.

Lucia Possas

Hi Daniel
So brilliant to meet you last night….thank you so much for the extended session – much appreciated – I feel completely AMAZING today.  Very calm…taking one step at a time…thank you!

Polly Stevens Director, Communications MTV Europe Music Awards

For over 4 months I had been getting upper and lower back pain coupled with sciatica. Combined it was creating very uncomfortable movement during the day and restless sleep at night.

I have now had three deep tissue massage treatments with Daniel coupled with advice and guidance on correcting my posture. I can now thankfully say that both pain free movement and gentle sleep are returning.

Daniel's manner is warm, caring and supportive whilst his knowledge and experience are focused on bringing wellness and equilibrium back to the body.

Jonathan McEwen

“A fellow tri-athlete and trainings partner recommended Daniel to me.

I started Sports Massage treatment with Daniel after a reconstructive knee surgery. He brought my attention to the muscular imbalances, which accumulated by walking on crutches and by compensating my immobility. I had weekly session during a 3-month period in which he also managed to sort out my chronic hip problem, which used to flair up during the second stage of the running event. After every session I felt realigned, looser and much more comfortable, optimistic and happier in myself. Through his treatment and encouragement I have recovered faster than expected to competitive level and I feel I have learnt a lot from Daniel’s treatments.

I still see Daniel for regular maintenance work, which helps to improve my performance and  deals with minor injuries so I can fully enjoy my daily training.”

Tim Stedman

When I first found Daniel four years ago, I was in quite severe back pain, unable to stand, sit or lie for long periods, and quite depressed about my prognosis.

Over the years I had tried a range of treatments but with very little result. After a very short time of receiving Shiatsu treatments with Daniel, I felt relief, which led to a more positive outlook.

I would, and do, recommend Daniel. He is both skilled and knowledgeable, and I am a much happier, and healthier person because of it.

Lisa, Marketing Manager

Daniel treated me throughout my two pregnancies, with all the accompanying aches and pains and circulation problems. Both pregnancies went very well as did the births.

I still see Daniel now as the Shiatsu helps me cope with the lack of sleep as well as a creaky body, stiff muscles etc from handling two children under 3yrs.

Marise, Mother

Daniel, I want to take this as an opportunity to thank you for all that you’ve done for me these past years.

When I came to you for Shiatsu I was at a low ebb experiencing digestion problems, anxiety issues, lack of focus, and quite the temper if someone or something irritated me.

To my surprise not long after I began coming to you I realized that I enjoyed my meals more and did not have to constantly take indigestion remedies. Also my boss’s annoying comments seemed to dissolve before actually entering my sphere of awareness (basically I successfully ignored him), and my levels of patience increased in all aspects of my life.

In retrospect I find there have also been certain immense changes on a very subtle level which I can’t even put in to words.

Suffice it to say that your attention has had an immense impact on the quality of my life and I certainly no longer feel at a low ebb.

PS: Please don’t move back to Switzerland!!!

I have seen Daniel for Sports Massage over the last 4 month and highly recommend him. I used to suffer from back and neck pain and frequent headaches, which was caused by long hours of office work.

I used to see an osteopath, which seemed to be able to help with the pain for a short while.
Daniel treated me somehow different. Through his treatments I started to become more aware of myself and what was causing my pain. His treatment approach made sense to me and through his encouragement I could engage in some simple exercises.

My posture has improved dramatically, I sit and stand straighter and I look taller and slimmer. I do not get any headaches and the tension in my back and neck from sitting too long in front of a computer in under control and not causing me pain.

Daniel’s treatments and exercises really taught me something for live and I wish I had done it years ago.

Many thanks and best wishes

Tamara Chaplin

I consulted Daniel for Shiatsu treatments because of severe migraines and the usual menopausal symptoms of hot flushes and tiredness.

6 months later my migraine headaches are under control and my energy levels are significantly increased.

Daniel manages to perform a very physical treatment without 'invading personal space' and from my very first visit I felt an implicit sense of trust which made relaxing into the treatments very easy.

My sense of well being and my energy are greatly improved and I am amazed at the intensity of the treatments. 

Thank you so much.

Lesley Lynch

A fellow triathlet and trainings partner recommended Daniel to me. I started Sports Massage treatment with Daniel after a reconstructive knee surgery. He brought my attention to the muscular imbalances, which accumulated by walking on crutches and by compensating my immobility. I had weekly session during a period of 3 month, in which he also managed to sort out my chronic hip problem, which used to flair up during the second stage of the running event.

After every session I felt realigned, looser and much more comfortable, optimistic and happier in my self. Through his treatments and encouragement I have recovered fast to competitive level and I feel I have learnt a lot from this course of treatments.

I still see Daniel for regular maintenance work, which helps me to improve my performance, deals with minor injuries and lets fully enjoy my daily training.

I know Daniel as a very knowledgeable, professional and skilled sports therapist and highly recommend him.

Many thanks

Tim James

Dear Daniel,


Since working with you and receiving regular Shiatsu I feel that for the first time since having body work for fifteen years or so that both my body and my relationship with my body have really changed.

I no longer have chronic and persistent lower backache. I have fewer headaches and much less stiffness in my joints.  I feel more supple. I am confident now that if I do experience pain or stiffness that something can be done about it.  I know exercises that I can do to stretch and rebalance my body in between treatments.

My posture is much better and I find myself sitting and standing in a more balanced and centred way without collapsing, as I know I used to. Generally this gives me more confidence, (and I look taller and slimmer too which is not a bad bonus!)

I have also experienced that treatments have rebalanced me emotionally at times too when difficult feelings were beginning to dominate.

My experience of you has been that you offer a thoroughly safe, well-boundaried and professional treatment whilst managing to bring something very real, and human to the work and relationship. You give permission and model encouragement and support and I can honestly say I have never once felt in even the slightest way criticised. Above all I feel that I am a respected half of the partnership involved in the treatment.
So profound thanks to you,

Annie R., Psychotherapist

Daniel has been providing an outstanding, professional On-Site massage service to BMW Park Lane customers (and employees) since January 2004 at our UK flagship BMW Fast Track Service centre in London. With the brief to provide an exceptional service which delights our customers, Daniel set up an on site massage service for our customers, available Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5.30pm.

We obtain feedback from each customer, which is always very positive and complementary about Daniel's professionalism, ability and the dialogue he has with each individual A real team player, consistently reliable, trustworthy and a highly valued within our business.

Kind regards and many thanks,

Andrew Day, Marketing Manager, BMW Park Lane 

Over the last 3 years Daniel has been visiting me and my husband in our home for yoga tuition.
His yoga style suites us very well and we find his teaching relaxed, very sensible and safe while still being challenged. We never felt pushed but instead were encouraged to follow our own pace and time to build some practise in our life.

It has been a wonderful experience and journey on which both my husband and I benefited tremendously.

Many thanks

Sarah and Andrew Gutherie

Corporate On-Site Massage:

Fantastic massage. Daniel was very friendly and informative, very good as I have a bad back. I have had many in the past and found this was fare superior.

Andrew Gutherie

Wonderful, calming and distressing!

I had been having a stressful day at work, feeling a little tired and achy, but Daniel’s massage brought the life back into my aching shoulders – I feel like I could run the marathon!

He also gave great advice about my posture which I will try hard to follow.

Many thanks indeed!

Lulu Stachini

Daniel made me feel comfortable and relaxed and as I am a shy person this was brilliant for me. He was friendly, professional, informative and very skilled. He worked exactly the areas, which needed attention and work

Chantelle Henry

Massage was amazing! Great technique and Daniel really knew his stuff!

Moe Urquhart

What a great idea!

I feel really relaxed and ready for the rest of the day. Daniel was extremely professional, very knowledgeable and carried out an excellent on site massage. I have had many but this was ‘Just perfect’.

Dianna Bennett, ex ITEC massage examiner

Excellent. Extremely good. Daniel has a superb handling of client. Very professional!

Tamara James

Very relaxing massage. Daniel was a good listener and helpful, taking my condition (ME) into account.

Well-done Daniel!

Anabela Numan

What a wonderful treatment! Only 15 minutes yet it felt much longer. I expected to feel sleepy and lethargic at the end but surprisingly I feel ready to return to work.

I also learnt a bit about posture and that my minor back problem was indeed just muscular tension, which can be released by stretching exercises.

Very impressive, many thanks Daniel.

Tim Stedman

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